RPM’s Annual Maintenance Plans:  Every piece of equipment that you purchase is required to be maintained annually in order to be eligible for the factory warranty. Just like your vehicle needs to have its oil changed and regular wear and tear maintenance performed, so does your HVAC & Generator equipment. We encourage you to maintain all of your equipment according to the factory recommendations.  Please make sure you keep your receipts of work performed as proof of complying with the warranty recommendations. R Reasonable” Plan which includes (1) visit per year for your heating unit and water heater or your cooling unit.    P Preferred” Plan which includes (2) visits per year one for your heating unit, water heater and one visit for your cooling unit and a 10% discount on repairs. (Excluding diagnostic charge). M “Money Savings” Plan  which includes (2) visits per year one for your heating unit, and water heater and one for your cooling unit, this plan includes No overtime charge 24 hours a day 365 days a year and a 15% discount on repairs.  (Excluding diagnostic charge). S “Subsequent Equipment” Plan which includes (1) inspection for humidifier including pad and or (1) inspection of air cleaner including filter. (All filter / pad prices are for standard stock filters / pads there will be an additional charge for non-stock proprietary items such as “Gappa filters”.) EMAIL US or CALL US to receive pricing and schedule your maintenance today